Osho was born in Kuchwada, M. He was enlightened at the age of 21 years on March 21,while he was studying philosophy at D. Jain College in Jabalpur. In Osho did M. He joined Sanskrit College, Raipur in He was appointed Professor of Philosophy at the University of Jabalpur, inwhere He taught until During this period He traveled widely in India speaking to large audiences and challenging orthodox religious leaders in public debates.

After nine years of teaching, He left the university in for regular spiritual work. He started conducting intense ten-day meditation and Samadhi camps. At times He addressed gatherings of to people. In July,He moved to Mumbai. By this time He came to be known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. He started initiating seekers into Neo-Sannyas, which did not involve renouncing the world. This was a great revolutionary step since sannyas in all other traditions requires renunciation.

In He moved to Poona Ashram, where He gave 90 minutes discourses nearly every morning, alternating every month between Hindi and English. These discourses have been collected into over volumes and translated into 20 languages. In the evenings, during these years, He gave Energy darshan and sannyas.

And while explaining the sannyas names He unraveled many secrets of divine sound, divine light, and other dimensions of spiritualism. These evening talks are compiled in 64 darshan diaries of which 40 are published. In October Osho ended His three and half years of self-imposed silence, and started speaking to small groups of people. In July He resumed His public discourses each morning to thousands of seekers gathered in a two-acre meditation hall.

On 14th September Osho's personal secretary Sheela and several members of the commune's management suddenly left after being exposed for their crimes. Osho invited law enforcement officials to investigate Sheela's crimes. The authorities, however, saw the investigation as a golden opportunity to destroy the commune entirely. But the authorities arrested Osho Himself without warrants, held Him without bail for twelve days, and subsequent events indicate that He was poisoned with the heavy metal thallium while in the jail.

Among others, U. Attorney in Portland, Charles Turner, publicly conceded that the government was intent on destroying Rajneeshpuram. In all, 21 countries denied Him entry or deported Him after arrival. Some started building large structures in His name. Some others considered Him last prophet and started propagating His spoken words. Oshodhara has assumed the responsibility of enhancing His spiritual work by guiding seekers from meditation to samadhi and enlightenment.

Mahendra - Poona (1988)

Very few people know that core teaching of Osho is not the dynamic and other chaotic meditations, which He Himself asked to drop in later years, but is Omkar, like all other sages, Lord Krishna, Mahavir, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Kabir, and Nanak.To calm the restless mind, seek inner peace and meditate in tranquillity, the premises of the famous Osho Ahsram in Koregaon Park, is absolutely apt.

The cool aura, calm ambience, burbling waters and the angelic sound of birds add to this blissful experience. As the brainchild of Bhagwan Rajneesh, the Osho Ashram reverberates the teachings and philosophy of Osho. Sprawling across 32 acre of land, the ashram includes a beautifully-maintained park known as Nulla Park or Osho Teerth.

Although the courses are chargeable yet they offer a great spiritual and peaceful experience. Visit Osho Ashram To calm the restless mind, seek inner peace and meditate in tranquillity, the premises of the famous Osho Ahsram in Koregaon Park, is absolutely apt.

Timing Everyday Hours to Hours. Hotels near Osho Ashram. Backpackers Hive. Hotel Madhav International. Sai Siesta. Kapila Business Hotel. OYO Hotel Galaxy. All Hotels near Osho Ashram. Attractions near Pune. Attractions Education Center. Follow Us. Book Tickets faster. Download our mobile Apps.Situated about kms south-east of Mumbai, India and set on a beautiful campus in the city of Pune, the Meditation Resort is one of the world's largest centers for personal growth and meditation.

A place where the mind, body and soul can play harmoniously together. If this is your first visit you probably would like to take a look around. Why not take a photo-tour or watch some videos. The daily meditation schedule comprises 12 active and passive meditations a day from 6am to Or, if you have more time available, you can check out the Living In Residential Program. You can review the daily rates and check out the travel guide for visa requirements and how to get here.

Once you arrive, the front desk will direct you to the Welcome Center just to the right of the main entrance. They will take care of your registration for participation in the Meditation Resort activities. At the Welcome Center we look forward to helping you register for the activities available at The meditation pass covers entry to the campus from am till late at night, plus all the A beautiful, pool-side eatery where you can find delicious cooked-to-order items throughout the From am until pm every Osho Teerth is a beautiful acre A spiritual retreat with a bistro, Once the government restrictions have been lifted, we will look forward to welcoming you here again.

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Let Go Let-go is a deep understanding of the phenomenon that Pleasing Stop fulfilling expectations of others, because thatWhen Noa Maxwell was four, his bohemian upper-middle-class parents, disillusioned with London, bought a farm in Herefordshire, where they began to live self-sufficiently β€” harvesting by horse, slaughtering pigs, curing bacon, making butter β€” while trying to find time to paint.

One day in they received a letter from a friend who was in India where he had found the meaning of everything. Rajneesh, who died inand his sannyasin movementhave found themselves in the public eye again in recent weeks thanks to the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country.

The much talked-about series focuses on the community they established in Oregon after they were forced out of India inand how they got on with the locals. Short answer: not well. My meeting with Noa, now 46, at a cafe in Notting Hill, west London, has come about because of the show. I wrote a positive review of it. But I wanted to know more, about life in the cult, particularly for the children who can be seen running around in the background of shots.

Noa tweeted me. He was one of them β€” first in Poona, then Oregon. Noa and the other kids β€” from Australia, Germany, America β€” were pretty much left to their own devices.

The most shocking bit of the Netflix documentary is a clip of a film taken by a German inside the Poona ashram of what seems to be a violent orgy inside a padded room. Noa never saw this type of thing but he did witness some freaky behaviour and emotion.

Noa was certainly aware of the sex. All night, like mating baboons, gibbons. And he knew his parents had different partners. Was that upsetting? So I showed fantastic. I know my mum was struggling.

Siddhartha - Erinnerungen an Poona (1979)

In some ways the independence Noa had has stood him in good stead, he says. He says he can understand the appeal of Rajneesh, the aura of the man, the extraordinary voice, his charisma. And he has fundamental problems with the message.

After Noa and his family had spent about four years in Poona, and amid increasing tension between the ashram and the Indian authorities, Rajneesh and his followers moved to the US and set up a commune on a ranch in Wasco County, Oregon.

Osho Ashram

This is where Wild Wild Country picks up the story. His dad had a run-in with Sheela over chickens, after which he was immediately taken off farming duties which he knew a lot aboutand put on fire-tower watch. Noa remembers the crazy, fevered work that was being done. And the elements, being colder in winter than he had ever experienced, and brutally hot in summer. Again, he lived with the other kids, running wild, trying to jump on to ice blocks floating on the river, killing snakes, putting spiders and wasps into cassette boxes to see which would kill which.

In many ways it was brilliant. He has one sad memory. Then I just started wailing for my mum and dad, I just wanted them.Uploaded by samvado on April 11, This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Poona 10 min excerpt Movies Preview.

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Better but much bigger version available now - 45 min DivX 5 - MB download - search for keyword "Poona" Rajneesh Ashram - a rare insight due to experiemntal use of a new camera at the time. The material was unearthed unexpectedly by accident in by the author. Includes scenes from Poona city and swimming in a nearby lake. Typical day of a care-free sannyasin in those days.

So please don't do it! Contact Information sam m Reviewer: Joshi. Anand - favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 3, Subject: Ashram in Poona - 45 min version Can't find the 45 minute version. Could you please help? I can't seem to find the full movie. Please help! Reviewer: Abheeru - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 10, Subject: Osho Namaste. Reviewer: samvado - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 13, Subject: technically speaking OK, I have now reloaded the entire episode from tape and encoded it with DivX 5.

I also chose to publish the entire sequence from - 45 minutes total length. Its MB but considering it is also over 4 times longer than this 10 minute excerpt Divx shines compared to microsofts video format WMF. You must use the DivX player though - the windows media player does not accurately sync audio and video.

Seach for keyword "Poona" to find the new version. Reviewer: tambora - favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 12, Subject: Well-constructed and quietly beautiful Nothing bad here - this is a very objective and subtle documentary, using just the skillfully edited footage, following a pretty lady around town, and telling no other story in particular. I suppose most people's interest in this film would also be minimal, but that doesn't diminish the truth and shy importance of it.

Its music and images were diverse and haunting and kept my attention the whole time. I loved watching the activities of the vendors, the beggars, the meditators, the computers, the motorists, the cyclists, the mountains, the trains, and everything else. There are only two problems - the waviness of the film needs to be fixed deinterlacing perhaps?The Rajneesh movement comprises persons inspired by the Indian mystic Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh β€”also known as Osho, particularly initiated disciples who are referred to as "neo-sannyasins" [1] or simply " sannyasins ".

They used to be known as Rajneeshees or "Orange People" because of the orange and later red, maroon and pink clothes they used from until The movement was controversial in the s and s, due to the founder's hostility to traditional moral values, first in India and later in the United States.

In the Soviet Union, the movement was banned as being contrary to "positive aspects of Indian culture and to the aims of the youth protest movement in Western countries".

The positive aspects were seen as being subverted by Rajneesh, who was seen as a reactionary ideologist of the monopolistic bourgeoisie of India, promoting the ideas of the consumer society in a traditional Hindu guise. In Oregonthe movement's large intentional community of the early s, called Rajneeshpuram[7] [8] caused immediate tensions in the local community for its attempts to take over the nearby town of Antelope and later the county seat of The Dalles.

At the peak of these tensions, a circle of leading members of the Rajneeshpuram Oregon commune was arrested for crimes including attempted murder as part of the United States's first recorded bio-terror attack calculated to influence the outcome of a local election in their favour, which ultimately failed. Salmonella was deployed to infect salad products in local restaurants and shops, which poisoned several hundred people. The movement's headquarters eventually returned to Poona present-day PuneIndia.

The Oregon commune was destroyed in September The movement in India gradually received a more positive response from the surrounding society, especially after the founder's death in In the late s, rival factions challenged OIF's copyright holdings over Rajneesh's works and the validity of its royalty claims on publishing or reprinting of materials.

There are a number of smaller centres of the movement in India and around the world including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Rajneesh began speaking in public inwhile still a lecturer later professor in philosophy at Jabalpur University. He lectured throughout India during the s, promoting meditation and the ideals of free love[16] a social movement based on a civil libertarian philosophy that rejects state regulation and religious interference in personal relationships; he also denounced marriage as a form of social bondage, especially for women.

Around this time he "acquired a business manager" from the upper echelons of Indian society, Laxmi Thakarsi Kuruwa, a politically well-connected woman who would function as his personal secretary and organisational chief. She became Rajneesh's first sannyasin[22] taking the name Ma Yoga Laxmi. University of Jabalpur officials forced Rajneesh to resign in Disciples still adopted the traditional malaand ochre robe, and change of name.

At this time, Rajneesh adopted the title "Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh". Byhe had initiated 3, sannyasins in India. The total for the rest of the world at that time wasincluding 56 from the United States, 16 each from Britain and Germany, 12 each from Italy and the Philippines, 8 in Canada, 4 in Kenya, 2 in Denmark and 1 each from France, the Netherlands, Australia, Greece, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland.

They began to run group therapy at the ashram. Rajneesh became the first Eastern guru to embrace modern psychotherapy. He commented on HinduismZen and other religious sources, and Western psychotherapeutic approaches.

Swami Prem Amitabh Robert Birnbaumone of the therapists in the Poona ashram, estimates that there were aboutsannyasins by Carter, a sociologist from the Washington State Universityestimates that 2, sannyasins resided at Rajneeshpuram at its height. Several incidents lead to a decline of the movement occurred in The Dallesthe county seat and largest city of Wasco County, Oregon.

InRajneeshee teams allegedly engaged in a bio-terror attack, poisoning salad products with salmonella at local restaurants and shops, poisoning people. The motivation behind the attack was to rig the local election allowing the Rajneeshees to gain political power in the city and county.

The Rajneesh were also discovered to have been running what was called "the longest wiretapping operation ever uncovered".

These revelations brought criminal charges against several Rajneesh leaders, including Ma Anand Sheelapersonal secretary to Rajneesh, who pleaded guilty to charges of attempted murder and assault. A long drawn out fight with land use non-profit organisation Friends of Oregon also hurt the organisation. This took the form of both organisations pursuing legal interventions against each other. The fight lasted for several years and attracted the attention of the media.I was in my early 20s when I stepped through the gates of the Osho Ashram in Pune for the first time.

I was accompanied by my partner Claudia, a Croatian cellist and composer, who at the time was studying Indian classical music in Bombay. A middle-aged blonde woman clad in a flowing maroon robe ushered us into a booth for an HIV test. It was a mandatory requirement for all new members. The commune was centered around the controversial godman, Bhagwan Rajneesh, who had been rechristened Osho after his return from the United States.

Bhagwan Rajneesh in a still from Wild Wild Country. He along with his neo-Sanyasins moved out, lock, stock and barrel, from "Rajneeshpuram", his sprawling 60,acre commune in the state of Oregon.

ashram in poona youtube

Within three years, his followers had transformed the barren expanse into a city of up to 7, people, boasting a fire department, police, restaurants, malls, townhouses, a 4,foot airstrip, a public transport system using buses, a sewage reclamation plant and a reservoir.

The events that unfolded at the commune and the stand-off between its inmates and local residents comprise the core of the Netflix documentary series Wild Wild Country. It is a fascinating portrait of the inner workings and power dynamics of a modern-day cult led by a charismatic Guru idolised by millions around the world. Watching this riveting series brought back many old memories of time spent and lessons learnt at the commune.

As the days and weeks went by, I got into the swing of things at the Pune centre. The hour-long session was divided into five parts: We began by exhaling vigorously in a chaotic, intense manner for 10 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of total catharsis - releasing suppressed feelings and emotions by singing, shouting, dancing, kicking and laughing.

Never allow your mind to interfere with what is happening. Consciously go mad. Be total," the instructor told us. With arms upraised, we jumped up and down on the flats of our feet, shouting "Hoo! The sound was supposed to resonate with the sex centre, in turn unleashing powerful creative energies. This was followed by 10 minutes of total stillness. We froze in our tracks, stood motionless in one place and became a witness to everything going on inside and around us.

And then, came alive again as piped music filled the room, and danced in celebration. We were encouraged to shed our inhibitions and act spontaneously in all situations.

Invariably a few people would end up crying after the session in throes of cathartic release. The atmosphere at the ashram was open and permissive. Consorting with multiple partners and practicing non-attachment in all spheres of life, especially the personal, was widely encouraged. Claudia and I formed separate intimate relationships with a number of our fellow Rajneeshis.

Only through a process of deep healing enabled by untying emotional knots and releasing our accumulated trauma could one attain the desire-less state as embodied by the Buddha.

He would hold forth on the Tantric texts of Shaivism one day, followed by the teachings of Tibetan yogi Milarepa the next, after which it was the turn of Chinese monk Lao Tzu, the Sufi mystic Rumi or Zorba the Greek. His ashram was consciously modelled on the community the Russian mystic GI Gurdjieff led in France in the s. He criticised organised religion as empty of substance, oppressive and burdened with useless rituals. In a lecture series, later published under the title From Sex to Superconsciousnesshe angered many religious conservatives, including the Shankaracharya of Puri, by calling for freer acceptance of human sexuality and became known as the "sex guru" in the Indian press.

In his view "any religion which considers life meaningless and full of misery, and teaches the hatred of life, is not a true religion. Religion is an art that shows how to enjoy life. He soon began attracting a number of Western acolytes, including the Greek shipping heiress, Ma Yoga Mukta Catherine Venizeloswith whose help he purchased the property at Koregaon Park in Pune that would become the international headquarters of his organisation.

The movement had arisen out of the counterculture rebellion of the s against mainstream psychology and organised religion.

ashram in poona youtube

It formed around the concept of cultivating extraordinary potential that its advocates believe to lie largely untapped in all people. Some of the early therapy groups in the ashram, such as the "encounter group", were experimental, allowing a degree of physical aggression as well as sexual encounters between participants.

These therapy groups became a major source of income for the ashram, though in later years their methods were diluted and watered down.