First Ride: Evil Wreckoning. Jul 8, You must login to Pinkbike. Don't have an account? Sign up. Evil's longest travel 29er has received even more travel foralong with new geometry numbers and 12x rear axle spacing. That's pretty much the whole scoop in one sentence, but there's obviously more to it than that.

The original Wreckoning had mm of travel, and the latest edition gets an additional 5 millimeters of squish for a total of mm. The bike's designed to be used with a or mm fork, although team rider Bubba Warren already demonstrated that it's possible to run a dual crown fork on it at Crankworx Rotorua earlier this year.

There are two colors available, black and Coral Reefer, which, it turns out, is very hard to match on a computer screen. The Wreckoning now has 12xmm Super Boost spacing.

Evil's 'sound mounds' help minimize chain slap noise. Dave's Extra Legitimate Travel Apparatus delivers mm of rear travel. Graham Agassiz throwing up a smoke screen. Photo: Mason Mashon. Visit the high-res gallery for more images from this article. Review: Manitou Mezzer Expert Fork views. Superboost is the dumbest fucking trend. Change my mind. Why are you so irritated by it?

It's just mm mm with end caps like m was to mm. Any modern DH will work, boost or not.

Cascade Components CNC progressive links for Stumpjumper EVO & Insurgent frames

Your second point is wrong, the chainline will be affected. I've got a hardtail with superboost, way ahead of its time I wish they would just decide on a standard though cause its bloody stupid having all the different ones that do the same thing.

It will not affect chainline. Only the disc side flange gets moved out. Superboost is still an unneeded standard for trail bikes. JDFF Jul 8, at I keep my hubs and wheelsets longer than frames. Probably won't be switching to spacing anytime soon. Bummer would of thrown a leg over this one. Loved my version 1. Double down, Superboost and still running Single Pivot suspension See for yourself on the link below: I have built up several bikes as such.

Great to have choice. Pinkbike commentators just love to whine and bitch I suppose. Zaeius Jul 8, at Boost is the stupid standard. Superboost makes way more sense. Too bad most of the industry just went with the flow.But with new Evil Insurgent We recently had the chance to test it over all types of ground, ranging from all-day epics, to gravity-fed rides down the gnarliest loam.

From how it performed…well, trail monsters be scared. The beast has been released. If you know Evil bikes, then you know they are pushing the envelope to create products that descend like a downhill bike, but climb like a zombie mountain goat.

The one-piece carbon construction of the frame and rear triangle—a concept which appears in all their bikes—creates a stiff and reactive feel to changing terrain, whether that terrain leads up or down.

Coupled with their mm linkage driven single-pivot, the Delta System suspension design results in a consistent feel over steep, rugged or jumpy trails.

The 2019 - 2020 Evil Bikes Buyer's Guide

The Delta system can accommodate both air and coil shocks, and the front end was designed to perform on forks between and mms, whatever your flavor may be.

Advanced engineering aside, the most initially noticeable part of the Insurgent is its appearance, a sleek combination between a modern trail bike and a work of art. Extra material has been added to high stress areas, such as the oversized chain and seat stays and headtube. To battle the tire-size issues of their previous Uprising trail bike, Walsh and Weagle have increased tire clearance in the rear triangle to accommodate for up to 2.

In the aggressive trail bike style, the Insurgent is also exclusively built around a 1x crankset, which they topped off with a fully integrated upper carbon chain guide. From the clean and mean appearance to the integrated features to the overall engineering, the Insurgent is both beauty and beast, obviously a force to be reckoned with.

We were excited to check it out. Through our week test, we took it to alpine singletrack in Montana, the deep interior of British Columbia, and around home to the roots and loam of the Pacific Northwest.

Wherever we were, it dominated. In addition, the low standover height allowed for extra room in the cockpit, combined with an oversized On the up, the bike did climb well; however, with mm cranks we also experienced numerous pedal strikes on rocky technical terrain we would suggest going with mm length.

We preferred the feel and ride of the Debonair: it added to the pedal platform and reduced pedal strikes for better climbing, without sacrificing downhill performance.

Evil offers a variety of build kits for the Insurgent, although we set ours up with a non-standardly spec-ed kit. It is easy to see the heart and soul of both Dave Weagle and Kevin Walsh in every pivot and part of the new Insurgent. Evil Insurgent When the word Evil comes to mind you may initially think of dark, monster-ridden forests. The built-in carbon chain-stay allows for some adjustment, but elimintates the possibility of adding two chain rings and a derailleur.

The D. A or Dave's Extra Legitimate Travel Aparatus system gives this bike a consistent feel, whatever terrain you may be riding. The Tech If you know Evil bikes, then you know they are pushing the envelope to create products that descend like a downhill bike, but climb like a zombie mountain goat.

The built-in carbon chain-stay. Who needs derailleurs anyways? Even with the rear brake and derailleur housing running along the bottom ofthe top tube, this bike just looks clean. Evil has a way of making bike frames seem to flow. While some people might like the look of a popped tube as a chain slap guard, Evil incorporates their own that accents the elegant design of the bike.

With mountain bikes continuously evolving, the Insurgent has just redefined what an all-mountain bike can be. Photo by Paris Gore The Insurgent charges on both the ups and downs. It has a sense of stability about it that is felt in climbing and descending.Evil is a small Seattle based mountain bike company that makes high-end bikes for serious riders who want the absolute best. Want a hand picking? Send us an email and we'd be stoked to help. The Wreckoning is a 29er with massive amounts of travel that feeds on gravity and big terrain.

It's a confidence inspiring monter truck on wheels that will leave you wondering if there's anything it can't handle. The Wreckoning will have you wondering how the hell you just cleared that gap, torched that off-camber corner, and smashed through that rock garden. The Wreckoning makes the unrideable rideable thanks to a mm fork, huge wheels, and three rear shock options that let you optimize this beast for where you want to ride. Whether you want a Few 29ers share its enduro-style geometry, and the new version has 20mm more reach to open the cockpit and provide a more stable wheelbase and keeps you centered in the bike.

Trunnion shock mounting makes the initial stroke smoother and allows the suspension to be more active throughout the travel. They also added supports for various piggyback, coil, and inline shocks so you can really tune this rig into the right tool for the job. The Following MB now employs Boost rear axle spacing for stiffer, stronger wheels and More new features are a threaded bottom bracket and water bottle mount.

The Following MB is perfect for riders that are looking for an incredibly versatile shred machine that will allow them to really make it their own and keep them crushing near and far.

The Calling is a versatile mid-travel The long and low geometry and bottomless feel in the late stroke makes it descend more like a mm bike than a mm, but is way more nimble than any long travel bike. The Calling is for riders that prefer the The Offering's specialties lie somewhere between the Following and the Wreckoning. It features a mm fork, mm of rear travel, and 29 inch wheels for downhill fun but is still playfull and easily whipped around.

Before the Offering, there was the Following and the Wreckoning. Eventually, Evil was able to explore the possibilities of a bike that lived somewhere in between and could provide some of the best aspects of both. Enter the Offering. The idea was to keep the bike agile and playful while holding on to its downhill crushing roots.

Evil listened to riders and learned what people were looking for. They provided the Offering for riders that want an adventure seeking beastly 29er that wants to attack climbs, destroy corners, smash descents, and hit every drop along the way.Mar 18, You must login to Pinkbike.

Don't have an account? Sign up. Review: Manitou Mezzer Expert Fork views. So how many of these void warranties? All of them, surely dreamlink87? The brands all adhere to their own testing parameters, which gives them the legal framework for a warranty and a guarantee, after all, they're testing their frames around the parts they supply with their products and the forces they generate and transfer within the kinematics they have chosen.

These aftermarket links upset those kinematics, more so than others and as cool as these links are, they will surely upset the testing parameters designed and backed by the brands, who have much to lose if things go south as a result.

Wow, that was terrible spelling I'm at the end of a 12 hour night shift. These links do NOT void transition warranties if you keep the stock shock length. Jvisscher Mar 18, at These links drive demand for the bikes they are made for as it makes them more customizable.

Which is a good thing for sales and might be a reason that Transition allows it - if not only because of the geographic location and most likely staff overlap between the companies. If you break your frame just toss the stock link back on before you bring it into the shop. Conanangus Mar 18, at Conanangus : daaaaaaaaaaang. Conanangus : is that due to Dave Weigel's ego?

DREAM BUILD - Evil Offering

The increased bottom out resistance probably means fewer people will break frames. The companies should be stoked.

evil insurgent 2020

BenTheSwabian Mar 18, at You can bet your ass that every modification like this on any bike from any manufacturer ever voids your warranty. Better question You just put the stock one back on and voila it didn't void the warranty.Compare to other Bikes. Need more info? Accessibility Widget: On Off. Vital MTB. Clipless Pedals Flat Pedals. Saddles Seatpost Collars Seatposts.

Glasses Goggles. Clipless Shoes Flat Pedal Shoes. Backpacks Hydration Packs. Related: Evil Edit Tags Done. Evil Edit Tags Done.

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Browse other Mountain Bikes Free U. Shipping available by country. Browse other Mountain Bikes Free shipping and free day returns on all U. Browse other Mountain Bikes Free standard shipping on all bikes continental U. Flat rate shipping to Hawaii and Alaska.

Browse other Mountain Bikes. Review This Product. The Latest. Trail Party Series Expands for Sorry Pops, but some things have to change. The The models have the same travel, the same two bottom-bracket-height options and the same chainstay length. The head angle slackened by 1 degree, but it can still be adjusted independently of bottom-bracket height. On the trail, the Insurgent displayed everything we love about Evil.

It weighs less than 29 pounds and feels even lighter under foot. It has one of the stiffest frames in the category and nearly the meanest geometry. While climbing out of the saddle or sprinting, the unique DELTA linkage offers a reliably firm platform. The Dave Weagle-designed DELTA combines a supple early stroke, a moderate ramp-up mid-stroke and a steeper ramp-up just before bottoming out. The Insurgent charged confidently through large hits, and when they occasionally ate up all of its millimeters of travel, the bottom-out was so soft that we rarely felt it.

The magic on any Evil is the firm mid-stroke, which allows its bottomless-feeling rear squish to also feel playful and responsive. It pumped through berms and rocketed off jumps like a shorter-travel bike, and had a masterful sweet spot for slides and manuals, thanks to subinch chainstays.

But, to be fair, the company did a whole lot more than slap mid-size wheels on a previous frame. We sent off questions before the bike ever rolled into our barn in Vermont. Kevin Walsh: For lack of better words, The Insurgent was designed for shredders and people laying waste to silly categories.

What sets the Insurgent apart from some similar bikes that riders might be looking at in ? KW: Our bike is exactly the same as all the others, the main difference is your purchase directly influences when I can buy a new Lamborghini, sell the company and buy an island.

Just kidding. We revisited the geometry and updated the leverage rate curve and made it more prettier than the Uprising. Basically lower, longer and slacker with a more progressive leverage rate curve and, again, more prettier….

VF: Are there any aspects of the frame design that you guys are particularly proud of? If so, what are they and why? KW: Seriously now, I am really proud of the entire design. VF: Are there conditions in which you feel this bike really excels and, if so, what specific design attributes of the bike make that so? KW: When we were designing, there were really no specific conditions that we had in mind. VF: Component spec can be tough to nail—What were you aiming for with the spec on this bike?

KW: When we are selecting spec, its pretty simple. We typically offer an alloy spec and a carbon component spec with no compromise in suspension spec. This really takes ride quality out of the equation and places more emphasis on component selection. KW: We have done extensive testing with both Rockshox and Fox.Barely looks ridden.

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