In this lesson students learn to solve two-step equations using inverse operations and a graphic organizer. Students review a set of examples demonstrating how the graphic organizer functions, and they practice the steps themselves. You can now add more students, more lessons, and more interactive features to engage your classroom. Over the next few minutes, you should see all of the lessons and reports from your last paid Nearpod Edition back in your account! Help me decide.

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lesson 5 extra practice multi step equations course 3 chapter 2

Log In Sign up. Folder Lesson Filters. Subjects ELA Math. Clear all. Solving 2-Step Equations In this lesson students learn to solve two-step equations using inverse operations and a graphic organizer. Share Wish List. Close Sign in required To continue, please login or sign up. Sign up Log In. Welcome to Nearpod Gold!

My Library. Access your library to teach, share, or edit your lessons. Already have a CODE? Enter it here to join a lesson.The chapter breaks down the steps to solve multi-step linear equations. Students will build up their skills as they progress from one and two-step equations to more advance equations. Core concepts involved will be reviewed to include the distributive property and combining like terms.

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12 - Solving \u0026 Graphing Inequalities w/ One Variable in Algebra, Part 1

Well done you finished the first lesson. One Step Equations. Multi Step Equations. Formulas and Literal Equations. Amazing video tutorials for every lesson!!

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Now I can apply for better paying jobs and attend college. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping others change their lives for the better!! All Lessons for this Chapter. Lesson 1: Basic Concepts of Equations.In this lesson you will learn how to solve two step equations. Basically, a two step equation is like "two" one step equation problems. Furthermore, in the next lesson on multi-step equations you will need to know how to solve two step equations.

Of course, it should not come as any surprise that math builds on itself so each lesson and skill is important. Lastly, pay careful attention to how I work the problems- try to be as neat and structured as I am in the problem solving process. Practice Problems:. Special Message from the Teacher. Chapter 1: Basic Algebra Review.

Chapter Quiz Quiz Key Chapter 2: Graphing and Writing Linear Equations. Chapter 3: Systems. Extra Practice. Chapter Review Notes. Chapter 3 Quiz. Quiz Key 3. Chapter 4: Matrices and Determinants. Chapter 4 Quiz. Quiz Key 4. Chapter 5: Quadratic Equations and Complex Numbers.

Chapter 5 Quiz.

Holt McDougal Mathematics Course 2

Quiz Key 5. Chapter 6: Functions and Relations. Chapter 6 Quiz. Quiz Key 6. Chapter 7: Powers and Radicals. Chapter 8: Logarithmic and Exponential Functions. Chapter 8 Quiz. Quiz Key 8. Chapter 9: Polynomial Functions. Chapter 10 Quiz. Chapter Data, Measurement and Probability. Chapter 11 Quiz.User ID.

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Two Step Equations

Save Close. Chapter 1: Algebraic Reasoning. Lesson 1: Numbers and Patterns. Lesson 2: Exponents. Lesson 3: Scientific Notation. Lesson 4: Order of Operations. Lesson 5: Properties of Numbers. Lesson 6: Variables and Algebraic Expressions. Lesson 7: Translating Words into Math. Lesson 8: Simplifying Algebraic Expressions. Lesson 9: Equations and Their Solutions. Lesson Solving Equations by Adding or Subtracting. Lesson Solving Equations by Multiplying or Dividing. Chapter 2: Integers and Rational Numbers.

Lesson 1: Integers. Lesson 2: Adding Integers. Lesson 3: Subtracting Integers. Lesson 4: Multiplying and Dividing Integers. Lesson 5: Solving Equations Containing Integers. Lesson 6: Prime Factorization. Lesson 7: Greatest Common Factor.Then, we will orally complete the Do-Now as a whole group. Students will be solving two-step equations in today's lesson, so this starter begins to bridge together what students have learned in lessons three and four of this unit.

At the end of this warm-up, I encourage my class to keep their paper out on their desk especially lower performing students as a visual "cheat sheet" to see which operations undo each other. I will then ask the students to give real world examples of tasks that can be completed in one step versus tasks that can be completed in two steps.

Students will raise a fist in the air if they believe the solution is true, and an open hand if they believe the solution is false.

Next the class will complete a group challenge. I remind students that we've completed a lesson that is similar to this activity one in the past. We will complete the number riddle on slide 5 together. The answer to this number riddle is 2.

Students will have exactly 2 minutes to race around the classroom, sticking a post-it with the correct answer to each riddle card. I will emphasize the decisions students made in choosing operations to find the missing answer. I will use the following questions to lead students to a deeper understanding of where we are going with this lesson:.

I still require students to draw a line through their equal sign and label the two sides of their equations to prevent errors in solving. Work independently. Show your work in column 1. Then, place your folded papers next to each other so that your column 3 and their column three are beside each other. If your answers are different, Write a sentence describing the error in column four, then solve the problem together. Students will work in pairs to unscramble the equation cards.

Each set should have four cards in it, that show the correct process to solve each two step equation. When students finish, the cards should be glued down on a piece of colored paper. I will ask two students to give a 15 second summary of what we learned in class today. The exit cards should be graded directly after class, and the students should then be grouped by the percentage of correct questions for the small group activity to be completed during the next lesson.

Empty Layer. Home Professional Learning. BetterLesson reimagines professional learning by personalizing support for educators to support student-centered learning. See what we offer. Sign Up Log In. Algebra I Noelani Davis. Unit 4 Unit 1: Welcome Back! Two Step Equations Add to Favorites teachers like this lesson. SWBAT solve two step equations using inverse operations.Always prompt answers replying exactly what I have asked (and I asked a lot of questions).

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Chapter 2 - Solving Equations - 2-2 Solving Two-Step Equations - Lesson Check - Page 91: 6

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lesson 5 extra practice multi step equations course 3 chapter 2