Starbuck, noooooo! Above is an example of a nifty server status script I have been using in a recent project. You can use relative or absolute paths for the offline image. This snippet is fully compatible with all major browsers, including Internet Explorer down to version 5. Demo Click here for a demo.

minecraft server status html

Resources Below are the images I use, found on Clkeran excellent online clipart resource. Online Offline. Participate If you find this useful or have any suggestions for improving it, feel free to write in the comments! You can subscribe via RSS 2. Tags: cssdemo resourceshtmlimage demoimage tagjavascriptoffline imageonerror eventonlineserverserver statusstatusweb development.

The code now allows to register how many times a website has been down when a user has requested it. First — the snippet is PHP, a server-based technology which has prequisites on the hosting environment.

Third — You can get this information from your web server logs without any additional code, should you need it. First — Yes, it would indeed require prequisites. Second — I left that blank so that the implementer could specify their prefered way of registering it.

Just plain text output to a local file, database insertation or E-mail to name a few of the alternatives. Third — How would you achieve to see when a remote server is down through local serverlogs? If you mean by checking the amount of offline.

minecraft server status html

Although since you brought up prequisites the website has to be set up to monitor that. A common tendency on default setups is to remove old logs. I do agree that the frequency and duration of actual downtime is more interesting than the amount of users that could not access a resource — hence my outbreak!

Thank you, kind man! Good job. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Living with technology Personal blog of Stanislav Khromov. An offline icon offline.

Online Offline Participate If you find this useful or have any suggestions for improving it, feel free to write in the comments!When you merge it with an external server wrapper such as CraftBukkit, Tekkit and third-party plugins, most will eventually run into problems such as crashes, lag, errors and faulty plugins at some point.

This allows all servers to run the same way as they would on one OS compared to another. The console is a realtime version of the server. Some errors will tell you exactly what the problem is, which makes it easier for you, the server owner to fix the problem. Though in some cases, the server. Usually when the server.

Tip: Deleting your server. This should clear up most, next to all plugin related errors, but if you are still getting errors after updating your plugins, then they can be related to other issues, which will require further investigation.

Sometimes, the problem is something within the world itself. This will create a new world folder in your server's directory called "world2" Or other names if you chose a different name and will be a plain, automatically generated, no user-input world. Check your server. You can also check to see if your plugins keep throwing errors in your server.

To change the world back to your old one, simply change the world-name back to whatever it was before capitalizations and spaces matter, so type it in exactly the same as before. In most cases, plugin errors are caused because they are incorrectly installed example, some plugins require other plugins to be installed to work or they are out of date.

It is usually best to simply not install a plugin that doesn't support the latest CraftBukkit. If updating does not remove the errors, then it is likely an issue with your config file. Many causes of errors outputting from configs is in the. Failure to do so and getting even just a capitalization error, will make the plugin and all associated plugins unusable. You can check the syntax of any. When it's time to re-enable the plugin sjust remove the. There are a few causes of why a server won't start up at allso we'll go over a few here.

This is common if you have backup plugins that you don't keep track of and it creates hundreds of backups, thus using up all of your disk space. If you don't need something, remove it. You have chunk errors.

minecraft server status html

Since the server.Maybe you run your own server, and want to display the status on a community website. Or perhaps you have something more ambitious in mind. After reading up on the protocol Minecraft uses for the in-game listing of your favorite servers, I put together a simple PHP class that makes it easy. The library, which you can download on GitHubalong with the aforementioned demo page, looks like this:.

There are some code snippets strewn around the internet that do essentially the same thing, but without the handy wrapper class.

To query a server, you instantiate the class and pass it the IP or domain name of the server, as well as the port if it is not the default Minecraft port of Just the hostname or IP. Once you have created a new instance of the object, you can use the information that it gathered. Fork away! Thank you SO much for this easy to use interface. This was exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you for the great work. Hello guys. I have hosting with Hostgator, business plan. Can anyone please help. Can it be a problem with the PHP? Maybe the function is not supported. Can you help me out please. Again it does work on wamp but not on my host. I contacted them and they allowed the port through. Any way to sort that the list by status? Like if I wanted all the online servers to be at the top, then sort it by amount of players?Minecraft Server Status and Ping Checker can calculate the latency between your computer and Minecraft's servers and then display your ping results.

If you want to perform ping to a particular Minecraft server, you can do that using checkboxes. This tool also allows you to organize the obtained ping results as you want, and compare them easily. Minecraft Server Status Checker is a simple app that allows you to test whether Minecraft servers are online or offline. You can easily see the status of Minecraft servers by using the built-in indicator. The information displayed here is real-time. Minecraft Ping Test Minecraft Server Status and Ping Checker can calculate the latency between your computer and Minecraft's servers and then display your ping results.

Location: Latency: Average: Status: U. Central U. West Central U. South U. East U. West U. North Central U. Minecraft Server Status Minecraft Server Status Checker is a simple app that allows you to test whether Minecraft servers are online or offline. Server: Status: Indicator: U. Central Online U. West Central Online U. South Online U. East Online U. West Online U. North Central Online U.Log in or Sign up. Bukkit Forums.

Minecraft Server Status Query, written in PHP, with online players, motd, favicon and more server related informations without plugins and enable-query. Tested with Spigot 1. Last edited: Mar 25, FunnyItsElmoApr 29, SpeawApr 29, Speaw you use a free host right? On free hosts the script dont work because the socket methods are diabled.

Then your web server is configured incorrectly or you have an outdated php version.

[WEB] [PHP] Simple to use minecraft server status query!

You should contact your host for more info, if they can enable it for you. Adriani6May 1, Thanks a lot! There will be a swarm of kids trying this with no PHP knowledge. AnnoyingPhoneCompanyMay 9, Shortninja66CapWruczek and 5 others like this.

HeyAwesomePeopleJun 22, SpiderLink likes this. Last edited by a moderator: Dec 19, BurritoBashrJul 23, I'm not, this is what I'm doing: PHP:. I'm not sure, I've used a lot of classes for query lately and they've all been failing. BurritoBashrJul 24, Thanks, This was very useful. Last edited: Sep 20, VidkolNov 12, This script doesnt work. No errors. I have tested this on several servers which has query enabled, with the correct port. Thanks for the script! Amended : Using IIS 8. Just a heads up, pining 1.

I just use the implode method to remove the array part. JakeNov 17, JakeNov 18, McLiveDec 7, Check to see if the Minecraft login servers are online and if it's not just you!

If the authentication servers are offline and you can't login, there isn't much you can do other than wait or play singleplayer until the issue gets fixed by Mojang. Also why not browse the forums? There are tonnes of interesting topics, related to the server. It may also be the case that they're updating to a new version. If the login servers are online and you still can't login, post in the technical support forums and we will try to help solve your problem.

You need to enable Javascript in order to login. Minecraft Services Minecraft Website Offline Login Server Online Session Server Online Skin Server Online If the authentication servers are offline and you can't login, there isn't much you can do other than wait or play singleplayer until the issue gets fixed by Mojang. Tweets by StatusMinecraft. The session servers are down. You unfortunately will just have to wait it out until the Mojang guys fix it.

Bad Login. Simply close Minecraft and log in again. Failed to login: Error. This a problem with the Minecraft session servers. Like us on Facebook.If an address works in Minecraft, it works with this API. If you do not specify a port, the API will find it.

SRV records are also supported. This is especially useful if you use some kind of monitoring software that understands HTTP status codes. Will return OK for online servers and Not Found for offline servers. While the normal endpoint will give you a Base64 version of the server icon, if one is returned by the server, sometimes a direct link to the icon is needed. A 64x64 PNG image will always be returned.

A default Minecraft icon will be returned for servers without an icon and for offline servers. If the API does not give the correct result, or maybe not any result, please first check if the server is working in Minecraft. If they give the correct output, you might have found a bug in the API. Please report it via email here: api mcsrvstat.

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System status - mcsrvstat. Please note: This page is for developers who wants to integrate the status of Minecraft servers.

Minecraft Server Status anzeigen - Folge 5

If you only need to check the status a server, please go to the main page here. Please note: The API was bumped to version 2, version 1 will still work. Read below for the changes. Please note: Only use these endpoints for debugging purposes.

minecraft server status html

Use the main API for normal day-to-day use. Added in version 1. If a Service record SRV was detected and used. If the game port returned by the query protocol is not the same port as the Minecraft server is running on, the API assumes the query comes from another server.

You should always set the query port to the same as the Minecraft server. This changes the ping response in bad ways. The API will try to compensate, but it might not be correct.

They will only allow ping on the hostname, which slows lookup time a bit. UNIX timestamp of the time the result was cached. Returns 0 when result is not cached.