He always appreciated you more than he ever could 2010 subaru legacy gt for sale else.

He stopped that eventually, but you know that deep down, he still wonders if you really do love him or not. Most of the time he just lets you have your fun with it, and on the occasion of bad weather, he hands it to you and lets you keep it even once you get back inside. It might take a bit of convincing, but it has never failed. He always tries to deny your comments, but eventually he accepts them whenever you start saying them.

If you say yes, though, he will not let you go. He was unsure of the entire idea and he was clueless how to go about it. He eventually became more confident in himself with your help, and he became much more comfortable around you about a couple months into the relationship.

That was one of the big reasons why he was so nervous at the beginning. And no matter how comfortable he is around you, there will always be that little voice in the back of his head whispering to him all the ways that any situation could go wrong for either of you. Because you have each other to rely on when things become difficult. Maybe with the ultimate actress talent. Ibuki was your best friend - and Mikan? Instead, you let out a small whimper, as you looked down at the ground.

nagito komaeda x self harm reader

You were scared, afraid and you felt small. So you were forced to confront who you really were - your real feelings. And you hated it.

nagito komaeda x self harm reader

You had to be around people to be useful, you had to be around people to feel happiness. You need somebody right now. What the fuck happened? He had never seen you sad before - never mind having an actual panic attack in the corner of your cottage. You could tell he was panicking too, even without looking up. You took it from him and begin chugging it as Fuyuhiko took a seat next to you.

Neither of you knew what to say. Neither of you wanted to say anything. But thankfully, Fuyuhiko broke the almost deafening silence before you were forced health benefits of sand leaf yourself.

You stayed silent. You were fuming, you were blaming yourself as thoughts raced through your head.Not at the moment, no. I just like the concept of the protags getting gifts instead of giving them like they usually do. Some of my favorite girls, hell yeah! Hey Anon! I really enjoyed doing this request. A little bit of trivia about M. Speaking of which, happy second night of Hanukkah!

Thanks for sending in requests you guys! Hey there! I apologize if the shortness of this is a little annoying. As stated above, only winter and holiday Christmas, Hanukkah etc.

So go ahead and send some requests in! Hey guys, sorry for the absence! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

No need to apologize! But of course! He thought, hey, if we all have feelings for each other, why force ourselves to choose?

He gathered you all after school and suggested the idea of a romantic relationship, in a rather forward manner, might I add. But the three of you were able to convince him, and thus this adventure of a polyamorous relationship began. Not that you minded all that terribly. Dates can be a little difficult. Nothing too extreme, but Rantaro wants to see a movie, Nagito wants to go to a restaurant, Kokichi wants lazer tag he suggested air diving one time, but that was immediately shut down and you just want to get out of the house before it gets too dark to even leave.

Of course, sometimes people can be a little judgmental. Nagito will go into a speech about love and acceptance, or Kokichi will just shamelessly start making out with one of you just to piss them off.

Speaking of going out, none of the boys are too shy about pda. Rantaro will mostly stick to hand holding, or rest his hand on the small of your back. When out in public, the only thing on his mind is pleasing the rest of you. Sometimes Kokichi will purposely instigate this just to get a laugh out of it. Kokichi just… does what he wants. Rantaro, Nagito and Kokichi are all very affectionate people. At the end of the day you all collapse in your shared bed and just lay on top of each other.

Since Rantaro and Nagito are the biggest, they usually take the edges while you and Kokichi are in the middle. Nagito will switch between the big and little spoon, but he does like it when you lay on his chest, listening to his heartbeat while he whispers sweet nothings.

Like all relationships, this one has its ups and downs.Keep reading. Summary: Excuses work most of the time, but what happens when one of your teammates call you out?

And all I could think was that Tony would understand, which created this story. I literally typed the first page as I was laying in bed about to fall asleep. You were missing out on team bonding night. The others had decided to go out to a bar, and you were in no shape to handle it. No one asked any questions. Bucky raised an eyebrow, but after a small smile from you and a promise to get some rest, he left with the others.

So you played it off, said you were tired, and your teammates left you to your own devices.

nagito komaeda x self harm reader

Or so you thought. Summary: When Sam and Clint pull a prank on you, you take it a bit too personally, resorting back to your not-so-good ways of coping with life.

I love you all and I can see the beauty in each of you. Master List. Originally posted by captainsamerica. You could do better, you always could do better, yet Tony said you did just enough. Do you need a doctor? Is she ill? Does she need medication? I can get her the best in the field…. Holding them to his face then letting them run through his hair like water. But soon, across months, Tony had learnt your signs, your secret messages. Slowly you healed.

Thank you so much for reading this, you have no idea how much work I put into this, seeing that you enjoy it makes me really happy. Sweet Tony Stark x Reader.

Tony Stark x Depressed Reader Headcannon. Soft Tony Stark x Reader. Tony Stark x Reader. Tony Stark x Reader Making out Headcannon.Chiaki Nanami, the traitor of the group and the person who was tricked into killing him, was later executed by Monokuma instead.

Nagito was born into a rich family, but he was also born with an extraordinary type of luck and thus his life has always been a turn between extreme 'good luck' and extreme 'bad luck'. The earliest known occurrence of this is when his dear pet dog was killed after being hit by a truck. His relationship with his parents is unclear; he mentions that they took him to an amusement park, but he also mentions that his mother never complimented his appearance.

However, the plane ended up being hijacked. Both the hijacker and Nagito's parents were killed before his very eyes after a small meteor crashed into the airplane, letting him inherit all of his parents' fortune and become free to do whatever he wished, as he had no other relatives alive.

After his parents' death, during middle school, Nagito was kidnapped by a serial killer; although he was released after the police found him it was implied that the killer let him go after they found out nobody would pay the ransom. As a form of good luck, Nagito had discovered a lottery ticket in the garbage bag the murderer kidnapped him in: It was a winning one for three million yen.

The aforementioned are just a few examples of the many, many tragic things that happened to Nagito due to his luck.

nagito komaeda x self harm reader

His cycle of good and bad luck made sure that any chance he might have at actual happiness would be cancelled. In order to cope with this very despair-inducing way of living, he developed a strong faith in hope so that he could find meaning in his life.

However, this turned into an unhealthy obsession. He didn't have any close ones, because other people were disturbed by his strange way of thinking and because he intentionally avoided other people in order to protect them from his bad luck. His bad luck caused the deaths of several people and he started to believe that only the people with "weak hope" could be killed because of the influence of someone worthless like him.

His luck cycle worn him down to the point where he drifted through life without purpose, waiting to die and dreaming of becoming a stepladder for world's hope.

Believing that he himself is unable to embody hope, he idolized Hope's Peak Academy and its students as the symbols of hope who are capable of creating "absolute hope" - hope that can overcome any despair. As a teen, Nagito was diagnosed with lymphoma and frontotemporal dementia, and was given a life expectancy of half a year to a year though, as it's later revealed, his good luck allowed him to live much longer.

Though he claims he was fine with being alone before, he then realized he would die all alone and he understood that he always desired, more than anything, to be loved by someone. After this, as a form of good luck, Nagito won a random lottery and was asked to attend Hope's Peak Academy in He refused at first, believing that he wasn't worthy, but the academy really wished to study his luck and he eventually accepted the offer.

He was aloof and elusive, but was known as the self-proclaimed "Ultimate Ultimate Fanatic". According to Jin Kirigiri, the headmaster, Nagito meddled with the affairs of other students and caused nothing but problems. The headmaster had to constantly worry because of him and described him as an incredibly problematic problem child. However, he understood that the boy himself didn't really mean any harm, which was the worst part of it all.

During Nagito's second year, Junko Enoshima started to manipulate students to join her Ultimate Despair. It's strongly implied that Nagito joined because he wanted to see Ultimate Despair's rise and fall, believing that no matter what hope would always win and despair would be destroyed in the end.

The members of the Ultimate Despair were brainwashed and fell madly in love with Junko. However, Nagito's case was a bit different. He developed strange, conflicting feelings of both love and hatred for Junko and saw her as his sworn enemy.Note as of Oct. Owing to this, I used and stuck with the conventions set by Orenronen and Fedule's fan translation of the games because that was the standard of the day. As I say below, that means honorific use, last names rather than first, Monobear instead of Monokuma, etc.

I'm currently debating whether to keep it all as-is or change over. I still hope you enjoy the story, though! Hello, everyone! So I really love alternate scenario fics and think there should be more of them and also I can't find any Twogami stories, so I'm going to knock out two birds with one stone and take things into my own hands.

I'll give it my all and I hope you like it. Can't really guess how long this'll be. At certain points I'll be using lines taken from translations of the game, though I'll avoid that once the timeline diverges. All credit for those lines goes to Kazutaka Kodaka for writing them and Orenronen, Fedule, Kuzuhiko, and Birdmanronpa for translating them.

I'd also like to thank zkmn for Twogami's Dangan Island ending and picopicoyama for his last three Free Times. I don't think I'll be using lines from them but they were indispensable in understanding him as a character. Also I will be using Orenronen and Fedule's translation conventions simply because they're the most recognizable. So Western name order, Monobear, Mr. Porkfeet, etc. Most of the others that he could see around him looked like they were having fun. Owari, good as her word, had gone right for the food and was practically crying with joy as she ate it.

Hanamura had taken the opportunity to boast, while Sonia and Souda laughed and laughed at them both. Koizumi was standing at the head of that table, taking photo after photo, perfectly in her element.

komaeda x reader // jealous much?

But a part of him couldn't forget what he couldn't see. He couldn't see outside, for one, because the windows had all been bolted shut with steel plates. He couldn't see Nanami and Pekoyama, because Togami had assigned them to watch over the lodge entrance and the "dangerous item"-filled duralumin case, respectively. He couldn't see Kuzuryuu, because he'd refused to come. And he couldn't see Monobear, and when he couldn't see Monobear it was so easy, too easy, to forget that they were all trapped on the island, with the murder of a classmate as the only way out.

And yet…he didn't think he minded it so much, the forgetting. The threat didn't entirely feel real, anyway. As he was filling his glass with orange juice, Koizumi came over with her camera in hand. Mioda threw up a peace sign, and Hinata laughed to himself as the flash went off.

It was such a normal moment, and in that moment he felt more united with these strangers than ever. So that was where he'd been hiding all evening.

“Komaeda Calls You Beautiful” (Komaeda X Listener) ANIME ROLEPLAY INTERACTION

He turned to face could he call Komaeda his friend yet? He wasn't sure how loosely he could use the word his friend, who was leaning against the wall with his arms folded. There might not be much left soon. The possibilities are endless. A loud, masculine grunt cut him off, and he looked to see Nidai walking away from the table, his fists clenched. He didn't look very well, or so Hinata thought. Nidai didn't seem to hear him. He clutched his stomach, approached Togami, and announced that he was going back to the hotel.

Togami refused to let him go, leading Nidai to yell at the top of his lungs that the lodge toilet was occupied and he was about to shit himself.You turned around and continued making your way down the hall way. You pace sped up along with your heartbeat at the sound of footsteps. You paled and ran down the corridor. Pantingyou turned around only to see the barrel of a gun to your head….

A drop of sweat trickled down your neck. You gasped. You were still extremely on edge thanks to your overly active imagination. Would the restaurant even being open this late in an airport? You were scavenging over the counter for food when you heard something. F o o t s t e p s You breath hitched and your thoughts scattered. Remember that nightmare? You sighed at your own stupidity. The footsteps sounded closer now!

You were squeezing eyes shut, but decide to look over since the noises stopped. A figure in the darkness seemed to be standing only a few meters away. They looked around, and then slid down the wall plopping onto the cold floor.

You went to get a better look and the pans handle started slipping out of your clammy grasp…. The figure turned its attention to you with interest and got up to approach you. You were going to be killed! You let out a battle cry and ran to the figure wielding your weapons. The perpetrator raised his arm with a grunt and poorly blocked the blow. What are you doing?

tony stark x depressed!reader

Your gonna have to try harder to kill me. I though you were a murderer! He clasped a hand over his mouth to keep himself from giggling harder. You grabbed his face concerned without thinking. He stepped back holding up his hands in defeat. Your face went red, his too shortly after. His eyes widened.

This is it" You walked into his room, looking around. This is you bed, come sleep. You both jumped into bed blushing messes.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words When Bones decides to visit with Charlie things don't go as planned.

Not only is Amita missing and presumed dead, but everything is going wrong for Charlie. People are late, things are not fitting, and a dark force seems to be just around the corner. Matters are made worse when Charlie becomes suspect number one, for reasons no one saw coming.

Will Bones be able to work with Don and clear Charlie's name? And will anyone ever see the young mathematician in the same limelight? Jeremy Heere is a junior in high school, and all he wants is to survive. This turns out to be harder than he imagined seeing that his father is depressed, his mother left, he only has one friend, his crush doesn't know that he exists, he faces bullying by his peers, and just wishes that someone would help him out.

After a peer tells him about a pill he can take to help him, Jeremy takes it and it goes downhill from there. Michael Mell is a junior in high school, and all he wants is to be happy.

He is tired of being stuck in an abusive household and he is trying to ignore the fact that he is crushing on his best friend of twelve years. After Jeremy gets into drugs, Michael has to decide if he will follow his friend and try to save him from himself, or if he will continue to be stuck in this cycle of terrible that is his life. Modern AU where Marigold is initially raised by both her godfather and his husband in France, and Fulvia is maturing away from the shadow of her abusive father.

They will both learn from their rivalry and discover more than one similarity in their lives, in and outside of the gates of Hogwarts, around their respective friends. Both masks are revealed. Your basic enemies to friends back to enemies and then to friends and lovers trope. A self-infulgent fanfiction. After two years on the run and three and a half months in cryo-stasis, Bucky Barnes is adjusting to living the slow life in Wakanda.

While more than occupied with piecing together his memory and tending to his small herd of goats, his past continues to haunt him and what it means for the future. Can they learn to live with themselves and each other? Can they learn to live in the here and now? Atsushi is given a job to interview people at an orphanage, and he begins to remember his own time at the orphanage.

As he continues to stew in his own problems of self-worth and reason for living, his mentality slowly breaks. His friends try to help, but there's really only one person who will truly make a difference.

The Marauders are growing even closer but how are things going to change once they reveal they know his deepest secret? Navigating through the change of becoming a teenager, Remus begins to think he might have another secret, one that is very confusing to figure out for a young wizard in the 70s. The world of Shifting Lines will eventually include Wolfstar.

Imagination Station! — Insomniacs: Nagito Komaeda x Reader

Mostly canon with a few exceptions. But this is when a lot of the characters really start showing interest in others and there is mention of it, kissing, maybe some characters not Remus dating.

Since it isn't prominent I wasn't sure whether to put it or not but figure I should. I might tag this and the first as gen but I havent decided yet Updated every Tuesday and Friday Don't really need to read the 1st before this I think.