Hi, my photoshop hasn't been working the home screen is completely blank and nothing is there. It won't let me open a new page however will let me open work I have done previously? The device I am using Is a Macbook PRO and this has been a recent issue I have checked for updates on my laptop and everything is up to date.

Restoring Preferences after making sure all customized presets like Actions, Patterns, Brushes etc. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Did you mean:. Blank Home screen photoshop New HereMay 08, Copy link to clipboard Copied.

Screenshot at Bookmark Follow Report. Community Guidelines. Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Learn more. Preview Exit Preview. You must be signed in to add attachments. Jump to latest reply. What have you done for trouble-shooting so far? Reply Loading New HereMay 09, Copy link to clipboard Copied.

Have you checked out these pages? ExplorerJul 29, Copy link to clipboard Copied. I tried this and it worked for me.This document lists the customer reported issues that were fixed each release. This month's update brings a few fixes to customer-reported issues and polish to the app. We continue to update and improve the app with your feedback. Continue to send us feedback and your thoughts. We're always working to listen and improve!

We've made some more small updates to implement your feedback and address bugs as we work to continuously improve your Photoshop experience. Thank you for continuing to provide feedback and input - continue to do so by visiting our feedback forums on the web! See this doc for more details:. Buy now. Fixed issues in Photoshop Search. Adobe Photoshop User Guide.

photoshop 2020 blank screen

Select an article: Select an article:. On this page Photoshop on the iPad Photoshop desktop. Applies to: Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop on the iPad.

photoshop 2020 blank screen

September version 1. August version 1. Fixed an issue that caused the app to crash when using adjustment layers. A few user interface improvements have been added to make the experience smoother. Added fixes to improve app performance. July version 1. Fixed an issue where double tapping on or adding adjustment layers caused a crash.

June version 1. Fixed an issue with fonts selections in the Type tool. Fixed an issue where tapping the Share button caused unwanted brush strokes. May version 1. Fixed an issue causing Photoshop on the iPad to crash. Fixed a bug from editing text layers in bit files. The tool bar has been updated to new iOS standards to be smoother and easier to use.I can't seem to open any files or start any new docs in the new update, I had no issues with the previous version and now that I updated I have this plain black screen regardless of what I do?

How do I get my art board and images back? Hi Shanan, That shouldn't be happening, let's make it right. Could you please try resetting the preferences of Photoshop and let us know if it helps. Note: Make sure that you back up all your custom presets, brushes and actions before restoring Photoshop's preferences.

Migrate presets, actions, and settings. Ok thanks I tried that but it didn't work so I have just uninstalled the new photoshop and put the older version back in and it's fine now. I'm having the exact same issue. I also just updated to photoshop On an older iMac running high sierra. Brilliant I have to say I was getting quite annoyed that nothing would display. Think Adobe could do with having a popup suggesting this when you first open the software after the update and save people a headache!

Thank You! I really get annoyed every time I update, anticipating what changes will mess up my flow Brilliant, worked for me. Adobe are the masters of putting out a broken product, can't believe it's been 2 months since this was first brought up and me having downloaded yesterday is not getting a version with a fix.

Thanks for wasting more of my time Adobe, I think I'll be switching soon. Thank You so much! This worked for me, but I'd rather like Photoshop to be using my graphics card as it's far more powerful than my processor, so is there a way I can not have the blank screen while being able to use my GPU?

Thanks a lot. I would like to track down the specifics that trigger this issue for engineering. For the folks who are disabling the Graphics Processor, what specific version of macOS are you on?

What is it specific to a certain type of document artboards? Color mode? The more specific the better.

Photoshop 2020: Black window - Home screen and New Document dialog

I tried downloading 4 different images of basically the same thing because I thought PS was encountering some encrypted-copyright restriction on the files. You very well may be my new favorite person. OMG, I thought I'd to have to spend hours and irritate my tech friends with this problem.

Hi Jeffery.

photoshop 2020 blank screen

I just bought a new Macbook Air with every single upgrade possible.Tue, Nov 12, PM. Official Solution. Adobe Photoshop Family. Photoshop Black windo In progress. Photoshop Black window - Home screen and New Document dialog upgraded to Photoshop and when opening or creating a new document it shows up as black. Just black. If I create another layer and for example color it white, it's still black.

If I open a picture, it's black. Thankfully I still have CS5 on my machine. Like Comment Follow. Responses Official Solution. Thanks for reporting. We're investigating.

Photoshop: Application is blank. Start Screen doesn't load

Product Manager, Adobe Digital Imaging. Like Reply. Hi, I seem to be unable to disable the home screen. I have updated the preferences as above several times and reinstalled and tried again and it just won't seem to work. Hope you can help. Thank you. Restart PhotoShop with Command-Shift-option keys held down. The dialog will appear allowing you to reset prefs. Do it. Thank you! Worked like a charm! Worked for me too :. I need some help, when i go to log in to photoshopeverything is black except for the top bar File, edit etc.

But a weird thing also occurs, when i click to open my saved work on my desktop, it works fine. But when i don't that happens.

photoshop 2020 blank screen

Did you try restoring your prefs like the customer's above who said it fixed it for them? Sorry, but I'm new to this!

I am having the same problem as Ads, and yes, I have tried the fixes above. Rather than go through the whole ordeal again, may I provide a link to a separate attempt to resolve the issue? Same issue: Still just a black screen with tool bar across the top. I want the app to pen to the home screen like always did.

If you need any further information, I'll be ready to reply.Why does Photoshop crash when I add a gradient? I created this video to address all the concerns and fix every issues that I have hear about.

The best way to Learn Photoshop OK, so based on your recommendation I installed I see that there is one thing they definitely have not fixed: the darn thing is so slow to load, I fully expect to celebrate another birthday just had one before this thing opens! This is NOT workable.

Not going to uninstall it yet, but I certainly have no plans to use it…. IF indeed it will ever open and I have a high-end system, too. Boo, hiss. I find that nik dxo is not compatible with ps Just a comment, can always go back to as you suggest. Has the method for selecting multiple layers in the layers panel changed?

Might be able to select a couple layers, but then the layers style panel pops open and layers already selected are no longer selected. When I updated toI decided not to keep Now is freezing up dozens of times a day and all I want to do is get my older version back. Does PS have a way for us to do this? Also, I open an image and I want to have the original fade to transparent so an underlying image appears. Is there a setting or something we have to explicitly do?

I updated the version, Lightroom, ACR and Photoshop but it still shows and none of the is installed. I check for updates and it says latest version installed. I can see the black bar but there are no words or signes on it.

In fact, I can not work with this Photoshop. Many greetings Chris. Colin, I noticed you have some impressive rings on your hand. Are you a service academy grad.

My curiosity is overwhelming! Colin, apologies! I had just gotten an email from another site that had a commentator with multiple rings and thought that I was asking him the above question.

But also had you on in the background and message went to you. I was a Trump wiki moment.Sat, Feb 3, PM. Adobe Photoshop Family. Photoshop: Application is b Photoshop: Application is blank. Start Screen doesn't load Yesterday afternoon, while using Photoshop So I opened a recent document and still no picture came up. The title bar indicated that the document was open, and indeed in the layers palate all the layers were still there.

I played around for a few minutes, and discovered that in Full Screen Mode you could still see my work and indeed edit, but since this was not a satisfactory way to work I decided to uninstall Photoshop and the preferences, restart my computer and install it again.

Still the same result: no picture came up, though the layers were still there. I don't know if I am missing something really obvious, but I can't see my work and I'm getting desperate. Please help. Like Comment Follow. Perhaps the Start Screen workspace might be having a problem and not letting your own workspace load properly. Do you have a custom workspace? I've had the Start Screen open as a blank window, but whenever that's happened, it's responded to switching to my custom workspace as soon as I open a document from somewhere else.

Photoshop 2020, how to fix all the problems, find missing things in the update

I've also once seen the layers panel with a document showing in it in my custome workspace, but no document in the window—however, quitting and restarting fixed that, and you did more than that, so it's not as temporary a glitch as mine was.

Perhaps if you disable the Start Screen in Prefs you have to restart PSyou'll at least find out if there's some conflict with the Start Screen. You might also try creating a new workspace, or switching to another, in case the one you normally use became corrupted. How do you edit an image that doesn't show up in the document window, btw?

It sounds indeed miserable to even try. Come back and let us know if shaking up workspaces helped, and if it didn't, Adobe will need to know what OS you're running to help you troubleshoot. Like Reply. I'm having almost the same problem; the start screen is blank, showing neither recent work, LR files nor "new".

Adobe Illustrator 2020 blank screen issues in create new window

Thanks for replying, Cristen. I tried disabling the Start screen and restarting PS but that made no difference. The only way I can currently edit and image is in Full Screen mode, which means endless switching back and forth to adjust layers and colours and so on - very frustrating as I'm sure you can imagine.

I don't use custom workspaces so it can't be that that's the issue. I did try the other workspaces and setting up a custom workspace of my own but none of them made any difference.Reply Steve Young says: Reply Doug Barton says: Steve, I love the post. Thank you, Doug Reply Steve Young says: Reply Justin Williams says: Steve, Love this article.

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