Under a consistent bosonic string theory, the mathematical formulas demanded that tachyons exist, but the presence of tachyons in a theory represents a fundamental instability in the theory. Solutions that contain tachyons will always decay into another, lower energy solution β€” possibly in a never-ending cycle. What it says is that it would require an infinite amount of energy for an object to accelerate to the speed of light.

An imaginary number is the square root of a negative number. This was exactly how string theory equations predicted the tachyon: They were consistent only if particles with imaginary mass existed.

tachyons cheat sheet

But what is imaginary mass? What is an imaginary energy? These physical impossibilities give rise to the problems with tachyons. The presence of tachyons is in no way unique to bosonic string theory. For example, the Standard Model contains a certain vacuum in which the Higgs boson is actually a type of tachyon as well. Similarly, this tachyon solution decays into a stable solution without the tachyons. Unfortunately, in the case of bosonic string theory, there was no clear way to figure out what happened during the decay, or even if the solution ended up in a stable solution after decaying into a lower energy state.

Any solution that contains tachyons quickly decays due to these instabilities. Some physicists and science fiction authors have explored notions of how to treat tachyons as actual particles.

But for now, just know that tachyons were one of the things that made physicists decide, at the time, that bosonic string theory was a failure. Andrew Zimmerman Jones received his physics degree and graduated with honors from Wabash College, where he earned the Harold Q. Fuller Prize in Physics. String Theory and Tachyons.Suggest Updates. For the full table of contents see below, but first here is a quick cheatsheet of several npm commands:.

Server class. This performs a local install of http-server in our current working directory. You can ignore this for now. Notice how we: require 'http-server'?

npm cheat sheet

What kind of wizardry is this? By default, npm will install all packages into the local directory you are working in. This is a good thing.

It can however, be slightly confusing if you have worked with inferior package management systems in the past. The -g flag will indicate that http-server should be installed globallyand be available for all node scripts to require.

Now, we can require 'http-server' in any node script on our system. In addition, since the http-server package has specified a bin property, it will also install a binary script called http-server globally. This is important. In some cases, there will be patches, forks, or branches that we will want to use for our module, but have not yet been published to npm.

Thankfully, the source code for most npm modules is also available on Github. Our cloned version of http-server is now linked locally. If you have a local directory containing an npm package, you can link this package locally. This is good for development purposes and for situations when we do not want to publish our package to the public npm repository. If we had not run npm link http-server we would have gotten a missing module error.

For additional information on the package.Line-height affects how easy it is to read a piece of text, so having a well constructed set of values can help make your text easier to read, increasing the chances that people will read it. Tachyons provides classes to set text at three common line-height values.

The debug grid module allows you to put a background grid on any element which can help you line elements up vertically and horizontally with eachother.

tachyons cheat sheet

Sometimes across large amounts of whitespace it can be tough to see if things are aligned. The background grid comes in both 8 and 16px columns. New to Tachyons and confused about what all the short css classes do? One page listing of Tachyon CSS classes. Search by class name and find out what it does. Just tack one of these classes onto a parent element. Floated elements are automatically rendered as block level elements.

Setting floats to display inline will fix the double margin bug in ie6. You know Don't forget to clearfix your floats with. If you haven't declared a border color, but set border on an element, it will be set to the current text color.

The base border class by default will set the color of the border to that of the current text color. These classes are for the cases where you desire for the text and border colors to be different. By Desmond Lua. A dream boy who enjoys making appstravelling and gardening. Smallest CSS Framework.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. I had a lot of trouble while learning how to use Tachyons, there are a ton of new classes to learn and I have bad memory. So, I decided to create this interactive cheatsheet. This project does not intend to be source of the Tachyons truth or to replace the excellent documentation. Instead, use it as your friendly companion.

If you satisfy all the dependencies, go to the root of the project and install the required node modules:.

Tachyons CSS Cheatsheet

In order to parse the yml to json you need to run the docs2json script:. First and foremost, you need to configure your deploy.

Then just run:. All the code contained in this repository, unless explicitly stated, is licensed under an MIT license. Skip to content. MIT License. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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String Theory and Tachyons

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tachyons cheat sheet

Links to: arXiv, form interface, find, stat, 1712, contact, help (Access key information) Cornell University Library We gratefully acknowledge support fromthe Simons Foundation and member institutions arXiv. AP - Applications (new, recent, current month) Biology, Education, Epidemiology, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Medical, Physical Sciences, Quality Control, Social SciencesDesign, Surveys, Model Selection, Multiple Testing, Multivariate Methods, Signal and Image Processing, Time Series, Smoothing, Spatial Statistics, Survival Analysis, Nonparametric and Semiparametric MethodsAsymptotics, Bayesian Inference, Decision Theory, Estimation, Foundations, Inference, Testing Links to: arXiv, form interface, find, stat, 1712, contact, help (Access key information).

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UNCTAD is responsible for dealing with economic and sustainable development issues with a focus on trade, finance, investment and technology. Through these actions, UNCTAD contributes to progress on 52 specific Sustainable Development Goal targets, grouped under 10 of the 17 SDGs. MoreUNCTAD assists national statistical agencies in developing and transition countries in their data collection and dissemination efforts.

In cooperation with UN agencies, development banks and other international organisations, such as Eurostat. UNCTAD coordinates technical cooperation activities with donors and other organisations to avoid duplication of work and to encourage complementarity and synergy.

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